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Office Spaces

Outstanding Home Office Design Services

Let Us Design Your Home Office

Need a home office? Trust Designs in Cabinetry to build a fully functional office in your home. No matter the size of the space, we'll plan a design and create a home office that you'll love. Call us for a FREE in-home consultation today! 
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Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Home Office

  • Work surface area around 60″ wide and 30″ to 32″ deep
  • Floor space in front of the desk should be around 10 square feet
  • 3' filing cabinet drawer pullout space
  • Electrical power
  • Receptacles at desk level
We'll design your office space according to the "circle of reach rule," which means that the equipment and material necessary for your work will always be within your reach.

To store material and equipment you don't need often, we'll design and allocate storage spaces close to your workstation.
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Home Office Design and Installation Services

Our family-owned and operated business is here to create and build an elegant office space in your home that you'll be proud to show off. 

We have the experience to understand your office space needs and translate your vision into reality. Working closely with DiRocco construction, we strive to provide you with quality design and installation services for your office project!
For FREE estimates on our home office design services, contact us today!
"Designing the cherry cabinets in our family room to accommodate John’s office, computer system, stereo equipment and bar is an example of how you helped us add more personality to our home.

While we were sixteen hundred miles away and were able to visit the construction site only on a monthly basis, your professional approach and eye for detail was the perfect assurance we needed between visits. Given your professionalism, progress was made at an acceptable rate with completion on the expected closing date and on budget."

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